Minutes for the Berry Forum Committee Meeting
7 September 2020 at 9.30am at Uniting Church 

Present: David Carter (Chair), Stuart Coughlan, John Underwood, David Brawn, Heather Macdonald, Mary Beare, Gail Paton, Garry Broadbridge, James Robinson and, Laurie Watson, Geoff Armstrong; Kangaroo Valley representatives: Keith Learn and Barbara
Councilors: John Wells and Patricia White
Apologies John Cullity

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 17 Aug 2020: Approved
Actions arising from the Minutes – None

Discussion with John Wells & Patricia White re Tourist Development

  • Discussion focused on how developers were taking advantage of the flexibility in the SLEP around tourist development permissibility. Clr Wells referred to data given to him by staff that contradicted the DA numbers we had calculated. (A check of the staff data after the meeting identified a significant number of errors.)
  • Clr White recommended that the proposed SLEP amendments to Part 7 be discussed by the new Strategic Planning Group Committee when it is formed.

Planning & Development

  • Primitive Camping Ground DA for Glamping – 160 objections to-date
  • 52 Parker Crescent decision – the developer may appeal Council’s refusal at the LEC
  • Huntingdale proposal for rezoning of large lots from R1 to R2 to prevent multi-dwelling development – Council should prioritise a Planning Proposal 

Infrastructure & Facilities

  • Berry amenities upgrade at Apex Park – open
  • Edward St bridge – pending
  • KV footpath – to be tabled at next council meeting – reallocation of money request
  • Queen Street crossings – likely implementation date now November

Shoalhaven Solar Farm – nothing to report
SCC Floodplain Management group; David B has applied to participate in the working group

Council Matters
Restructure of Council includes five new City departments
Some CCBs have held their own meeting to discuss priorities; the top concern identified was the DA assessment process

Other Business
Chamber AGM – Derek Jorgenson is now President

Next Committee meeting – 28 September- 8:30
Next Forum meeting – ??