Minutes for the Berry Forum Committee Meeting
Meeting on 28 September 2020 at 8.30am at Uniting Church

Present: Stuart Coughlan (Chair), David Brawn, Heather Macdonald, Mary Beare, Garry Broadbridge, James Robinson, Laurie Watson and Geoff Armstrong;
Apologies John Underwood, Gail Paton and David Carter

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 7 September 2020: Approved
Actions arising from the Minutes – None

Planning & Development

  • Shoalhaven 2040 document changes proposed by John Wells and Patricia White will be discussed at an Extraordinary Meeting on Tuesday.
  • Managing tourist development impacts will be addressed by the new Strategic Planning Committee that Patricia White will chair.
  • Primitive Glamping DAs – the Mt Hay applicant is required to redo the fire assessment based on the new guidelines. Avoiding fire safety measures by using the ‘primitive camping ground’ description is a statewide issue.
  • James, John C. and Stuart are arranging a zoom meeting with Jenna from Planning to discuss minimum lot size issues.
  • The Hitchcocks Lane Planning Proposal is about to go on public exhibition and minimum lot sizes will be an issue.
  • 510 Beach Rd – the number of lots proposed is still an issue. We are responding to residents’ requests for assistance. 

Infrastructure & Facilities

  • Edward St bridge – Nothing to add
  • KV footpath – Nothing to add
  • Queen Street crossings – Nothing to add


  • Shoalhaven Solar Farm – Lease negotiations continuing with Council. Otherwise, arrangements are progressing OK.
  • Rotary International has a new focus on “Supporting the Environment”
  • David Brawn is the Chair of Rotary Berry’s new Environmental Sustainability Committee, Supporting the Environment 

Council Matters

  • Committee changes – Greg Watson is now Deputy Mayor and Patricia is Assistant Deputy. Mitchell Pakes will chair the Development Committee.
  • Boongaree start – Skate park and pump track design has been accepted and work is commencing.
  • CCB meeting – an independent meeting of CCBs has been held. The DA process was the top issue. Council Services, Tourism and Sustainability also ranked highly..

Other Business

  • AGM postponed – Council advice re Fair Trading – hold AGM when restrictions lifted
  • Committee to continue – Acknowledge to residents that we are unable to hold a community meeting at this time. Action Stuart – Newsletter
  • Only one nomination for the vacancy on The Berry Forum Committee. No election required

Meeting Closed 9:50 am

Next Committee Meeting – 26 October
Next Forum meeting –Pending