Present : Geoff Murray (Chairman), Stuart Coughlan (Secretary), James Robinson, Dorothy Hanbridge, Hania Norman, Bill Rice, Noel Marshall, Marilyn Kellett, Laurie Watson, Margot Claringbold.

Apologies: Craig Hollway, Mary Beare, David Carter

Discussion with Anthony Colfelt (President Berry Chamber of Commerce)
Anthony provided the Committee with background to the Chamber’s involvement with Council and Gareth Ward in obtaining funding for the development of a strategic master plan for Berry. Anthony advised that Council had stated the master plan would be the responsibility of the Berry CCB. Setting up of a sub-committee of the Forum was discussed, including members of the Chamber.

 Minutes of 6 July Committee Meeting
The minutes were agreed and approved.

Follow-up Items from the 9 July Forum Meeting
Dog Walking Paddock – the reference to the alternative area west on North St, and Forum approval of the proposal will be removed from the minutes
School of Arts upgrades – appropriate use of the funding for the kitchen refurbishment was discussed
Public toilets – the $20,000 funding available to end June 2015 was discussed.
North Street Concept Plan – the status of the plan was discussed.
ACTION: Geoff to follow up with Council on the School of Arts upgrades and Stuart to follow up on the toilets funding and status of the North St Concept Plan.

 Strategic Master Plan
The commencement of work on the master plan was agreed to be high priority. Prior to establishing a sub-committee, we will meet with Council to discuss parameters.
ACTION: James, Stuart and Noel to meet with Jessica Rippon

The draft prepared by Laurie and Margot was discussed and quorums for Committee member attendance were agreed. It was also agreed that the Management Committee would elect officers. The final version, when endorsed by the Forum, will be displayed on the noticeboard and website.
ACTION: Laurie to check on incorporation and circulate final version

The website is live. Work will continue over the next few weeks.

Town Crier Reporting of DAs
The Forum will take on the role of preparing Council information for inclusion in the TC.
ACTION: Craig will prepare input for the September edition

Next Meeting
The next general meeting will be held on Thursday 10 September (email in August). The next Committee meeting will be on Monday 3 August at 10.15am at the School of Arts

Meeting closed at 12.15pm.