Minutes for the Berry Forum Committee Meeting
At the Uniting Church on January 22 2018 at 10.15am.

Present: David Carter (Chair), Stuart Coughlan, Margot Claringbold, John Cullity, David Brawn, Mary Beare, Garry Broadbridge, Gail Paton, John Underwood, James Robinson, Marilyn Kellett     Apologies Laurie Watson

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 4 December: Approved
Actions Arising from Minutes:
Fulton Hogan site on North Street has been cleared.
Funds for Apex Park toilets replacement- Pending
Check with Tom Dimic on footpath for Alexandra St – Pending
Timber bridge on Edward St has been repaired.

S96 Amendment for Huntingdale Park development
The amendment was withdrawn, but the developer wants to present a revised amendment at the next Forum meeting.   Action: Stuart to ask Phil Costello if Council will facilitate the discussion.

Letter from Holding Redlich Lawyer
Action: Stuart to post the letter on the website.

The potential pros and cons of incorporation were discussed.
Action: John C to ask associate, who is a lawyer, to discuss options with the Committee.

Draft DCP for Streetscape Design across the Shoalhaven
The draft primarily deals with footpaths, associated furniture, and street tree planting and is generally supported. Priority will be requested for footpaths in Alexandra St, Albert St, Princess St, and Prince Alfred St, and two more pedestrian refuge islands in Queen Street. Our Submission will be posted on the website for discussion at the next Forum meeting.

Alexandra St footpath
Margot advised that Rick G said the Alliance supported this footpath, but could not fund it.
Action: Margot to obtain costing from Council and Ken Hutt
Action: Stuart to ask Paul Keech if Council will include the footpath in the District Park funding.

David B presented the projects being put forward by the Sustainability Committee – see below.

Draft Agenda for 15 Feb Forum

  • Co-working space for small business (Kate Dezarnaulds)
  • Correspondence received – letter from lawyer and any response (Stuart)
  • DCP Streetscape Design – Summary of the draft Design and our Priority list’ (John U)
  • Close meeting
  • S96 Amendment for Huntingdale – presentation by Pindan and discussion facilitated by Council

Council Matters
– New Director of Assets & Works is Paul Keech (previously Ben Stewart).

Finance Update – Current balance is $1,011.

Next Committee meeting – 5 February (Apologies Marilyn, Margot – until 5th March)
Next Forum meetings –15 February, 19 April


Sustainability Report

David Brawn is a community member of the Shoalhaven City Council’s Sustainable Futures Committee (SFC) and reported to the Berry Forum Committee that the SFC had approved the following actions at its meeting on 22 January 2018:

  • Approval to participate in the NSW Government’s Sustainability Advantage programme (environment.nsw.gov.au/sustainabilityadvantage/) through the Office of the Environment and Heritage at a cost of $4000. This gives access to the resources of the Programme (including 30 hours of specialised consultancy support) to develop a Sustainability Plan for Council.
  • Approval to allocate $40,000 from its budget for a part time staff resource to help facilitate the development of the Sustainability Plan in Council
  • Approval to allocate $6000 to undertake an audit of the tree canopy in the LGA to determine the economic and other values trees provide to the community of the Shoalhaven
  • Approval for Council to partner with Griffith University to undertake a research project called “managing environmental change through planning for transformative pathways”. This project examines how Council planning systems can be improved to meet future environmental pressures. It is being funded by the Australian Research Council.