Minutes Berry Forum Committee Meeting
Held at Mananga, 40A Princes Highway on Monday 14th December 2015 at 10.15am.

Present: David Carter (Chair), Stuart Coughlan, Mary Beare, James Robinson, Dorothy Hanbridge, Laurie Watson, Hania Norman, Margot Claringbold, John Cullity, Bill Rice, John Underwood. Apologies: Marilyn Kellett

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 30 November- Approved

Forum Meeting on 10 December
The community gathering prior to the meeting was considered to be very successful. It gave those attending an opportunity to meet and talk with other residents. Positive feedback has been received regarding the smooth running of the meeting, the general content of presentations and the introduction of a timer warning bell.
   ACTION – Chairman to ask meeting attendees to turn off mobile phones

Planning Proposals and Significant DAs
It was agreed that where planning proposals or DAs are potentially contrary to the SLEP/DCP, require rezoning, will set an adverse precedent, or are opposed by a significant number of residents, the Committee will consider calling an ad hoc meeting of the Forum. In this case, both the applicant and council staff would be invited to attend.

Strategic Plan -Update and next steps

  • The Consultant brief has been sent to Council so the selection process can begin and the Consultant can come onboard in Jan/Feb.
  • Communication to residents regarding the engagement process will be sent out before Xmas via a letterbox drop across the Berry region.
  • A Visitor/Tourist survey will be distributed before Xmas to B&Bs and businesses and also at New Years fire works. This survey is paper based and seeks qualitative not quantitative information.
  • A survey for residents will be issued after Xmas both paper-based and online. The Consultant will perform analysis of the survey data.
  • Two $150 vouchers (for spending in Berry) will hopefully motivate both visitors and residents to complete survey. Survey forms will also be sent to Clubs for them to send out to their members.
  • A strategy to involve youth in the process is being developed.
  • A full-page Town Crier article will feature at the end of January.

The Committee unanimously approved the proposed Logo.

Fulton Hogan/RMS ongoing relationship with Forum
Stuart met with Shannon Chisholm, the new Communications Manager at Fulton Hogan, and Ron de Rooy of RMS on Friday 11 December at their invitation. Both Shannon and Ron will attend and present at future Forum meetings. Ron is very interested in the Strategic Plan process, which RMS is partly funding.

Other business

  • Committee will urge Council to address lack of wheel chair and pram access on raised kerb road crossings.
  • Island in duck pond has not been constructed. Action: Stuart to ask about FH progress.

Meeting closed 12:10

Committee Meetings: Possibly 18th January, then 1st February at Mananga 10.15am

Forum Meetings: 11th February in Pavilion at Show Ground