The Council review of the Shoalhaven LEP and DCP relates to –

  • Tourist & Visitor Accommodation
  • Clause 2.8 Temporary Use of Land

The review is driven by Berry Forum proposals aimed at addressing loopholes in the LEP that are open to exploitation for significant financial gain. RMS has identified that, in the case of temporary function centres, these gains will come at the expense of many other property owners in the area, whose quality of life will be diminished and properties devalued.

We believe that if these issues are not appropriately addressed now, many areas across the Shoalhaven will be impacted. We have developed our recommendations over the last three years and on 24 October we met with the Planning Minister Rob Stokes, who recommended that Council amend the SLEP and offered his support.

We have summarised the issues in the two attached papers and we recommend that you attend the information session to register your view.

Tourist accommodation loopholes >> TVA Paper Nov 2019

Temporary function centres >> TFC Paper Nov 2019