On the evening Tuesday 4 April the Berry District Park Review Group (BDPRG) hosted a workshop for key stakeholders at the Berry Public School Hall.  The objective of the evening was for stakeholders to determine whether it was possible to devise any layouts for the park, which incorporated the present and future aspirations of the key stakeholders.

Working in groups with large scale maps and cut outs of various park uses, the stakeholders amicably formulated layouts, which met their needs.  Discussions between stakeholders were respectful and constructive.

Importantly, staff from Shoalhaven City Council, RMS, planning consultant Locale and landscape architect Ayling Drury were present to answer technical questions and assist with discussions.  The BDPRG would like to thank representatives of these organisations for devoting a Tuesday evening to the community.

The BDPRG will now focus on converting the layouts conceived at the workshop into a clear plan that can be exhibited to the broader Berry community during May and June. Following incorporation of feedback from the community, the updated plan will be put to Council for adoption.  The BDPRG then aims to work with Council to develop the detail of the plan to a point where it is shovel ready.