Minutes for the Berry Forum Committee Meeting
At the Uniting Church on Monday 14th August 2017 at 10.15am.

Present: David Carter (Chair), Stuart Coughlan, James Robinson, John Underwood, Dorothy Hanbridge, John Cullity, Marilyn Kellett, Margot Claringbold, Bill Rice, David Brawn, Laurie Watson.
Apologies: Mary Beare

Minutes of Meeting held 19 June: Approved. No actions arising.

Changes to the website featuring individual pages for each Focus Area were discussed. A disclaimer to be added to the website.
Action: Bill, Laurie and David B to provide content for web pages.

District Park (James)

  • Council has officially adopted the endorsed Master Plan.
  • Liliana Hutchinson will be coordinating progress of the detailed sign phase for Council.
  • Discussions with North St residents have identified the final form of the carpark and siting of the toilets as the main points of concern.

Town Centre and Infrastructure (Bill and Laurie)

  • The practicalities of holding a community workshop to obtain feedback on both Town Centre and Infrastructure matters are being considered. It was suggested that Kate Ryan might be able to provide Council assistance.
  • Wes Hindmarsh has suggested the potential for an Institute of Architects sponsored event to contribute to the work being done on the Town Centre and Infrastructure fronts. It was agreed that we would support him following up with the Institute.
  • Potential sites for additional public toilets were discussed. A petition containing 325 signatures has been received opposing the siting of a toilet facility by Alexandra St Park. Action: Laurie to contact Brad Davis to assess ‘buildability’ of options.
  • A review of potential sites for kerb ramps is being conducted. Council has funding for three sites this financial year. The BCAC may also contribute funds.

Sustainability (David B)

  • Feedback is being received on the information links recently published on the website.
  • A survey of the usage of single-use coffee cups and other items is being prepared. There are 18 sales outlets in Berry.
  • David will be attending the Sustainable Futures Committee at Council. It will be chaired by Patricia White and has five community members.

Other Business

  • Karen Williams will be making the Fulton Hogan presentation on Thursday. Action: Stuart to remind FH of offers to construct an island in the duckpond and to donate their projector to the Forum.
  • Council is expecting new plans and reports to be lodged for the Bangalee Motel DA.
  • Council’s letter to residents concerning the potential closure of the Edward Street timber bridge was discussed.

Action: Stuart to circulate the letter with the Forum meeting invitation. 

Next Committee meetings – 4 September and 2 October
Next Forum Meeting – 12 October (AGM)

Meeting closed 12:15 pm