The Planning Department has issued the following update –

The Department has released a summary report detailing the submissions received during the exhibition of the Agritourism and small scale agriculture development explanation of intended effect (EIE) in March-April 2021. A draft of the Standard Instrument (Local Environmental Plans) Amendment (Agritourism) Order 2021 (LEP Order) has been prepared. This is the first step to rolling out the proposals outlined in the EIE. The LEP Order is intended to be made in early 2022. Councils are invited to nominate to adopt the optional clauses and identify zones to permit the new land uses in their LEPs. For more information on the changes to the Agritourism Order please:

The Submissions Report identifies that across NSW 239 submissions were received. However, this total includes 86 in support of the Berry Forum submission, which have been classified as ‘form submissions’. Of the remaining 153 submissions from across all of NSW, there were only 60 in total from individuals, with the other 93 coming from councils, peak bodies, tourism bodies and other. In addition, 157 online surveys were completed, but there is no breakdown of their source.

The Forum received no formal notification of the proposed Agritourism planning changes from the DPIE when they were announced earlier this year and was only made aware through an informal communication from helpful Council planning staff. A total of 60 submissions from 8.2 million people across NSW is proof of the lack of any genuine community engagement.

On a positive note, quotes from the Forum submission are included and some of our key recommendations are being adopted. We still have significant concerns about some of the proposal however.

We will be following up with the Department and, if necessary, requesting a meeting with the Minister.