Minutes for the Berry Forum Committee Meeting
Meeting on 31 October 2022 8.30am at the Uniting Churc

Present:  David Carter (Chair), Ian Hendry, David Brawn, Stuart Coughlan, Judith Ball, Robyn Baxendale, Laurie Watson, Mary Beare, and Heather Macdonald
Apologies: Emanuele Rattazzi, Geoff Armstrong and Gail Paton

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 3 October 2022. Approved.
Actions arising from the Minutes – None

Election of Office Bearers
Chair – David Carter
Deputy Chair – Ian Hendry
Secretary – Stuart

Agritourism changes to the SLEP – Stuart to make deputation at Council tonight.
Action: Stuart to draft briefing paper to be sent to national media groups
Action: Stuart to suggest Amanda Findley contact other council Mayors

Planning & Development

      • 52 Parker Cr – Council will not oppose the complying development consent.
      • Hitchcocks Lane subdivision design – discussion about presentation by developer to Forum Meeting
      • New service station status – Stuart will draft a status update for the newsletter re the applicant’s response to Council’s RFI and talk to BRS re a possible second submission.
      • 260 Mt Hay Rd Primitive Camping – LEC Conciliation Conference has been deferred to 21 Dec as Houghton’s lawyer had a conflict of interest.
      • Council Strategic Planning prioritization meeting – Stuart has written to the Director to request that the Forums TVA, DCP and HCA proposals be prioritised at the 12 Nov workshop.
      • 2 Albany St – DA for two storey dwelling.

Infrastructure & Facilities
Boongaree parking – our input to the meeting is being treated as an attachment to Council’s minutes.

Other Business
Discussion re making Forum meetings quarterly with option of holding a special meeting if required.

Next Committee meeting –28 November

Next Forum meeting – 8 December
Action: Stuart to check on availability of Uniting Church Hall for next Forum Meeting.

Meeting closed: 10:15