Minutes for the Berry Forum Committee Meeting
Meeting on 22 March 2021 at 8.30am at Uniting Church

Present: David Carter (Chair), Stuart Coughlan, David Brawn, Ian Hendry, Laurie Watson, John Underwood, Geoff Armstrong, Gail Paton, Mary Beare, John Cullity and Heather MacDonald
Apologies: James Robinson

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 22 February 2021 Approved
Actions arising from the Minutes – None

Planning & Development

  • Local Character Overlay – we support Gordon Clark’s submission to DPIE. Action: Stuart to include Council submission in newsletter.
  • Milton DCP –Gordon Clark has indicated that budget and resource priorities will prevent a similar DCP being prepared for Berry. He has pointed to the proposal for two new Heritage Conservation Areas and work on the Local Character Overlay as better alternatives.
  • Planning Changes to Boost Farm Businesses and Regional Tourism -Agritourism. Lack of definition as to what constitutes a real farm as opposed to a hobby farm or recreational farm. How do you define a commercial farming business? No detail on land size and income considerations. Action: Stuart to consider response.
  • DA Parker Cr – LEC Conciliation Conference outcome: Parties could not reach agreement so it will go to a Court hearing in July.
  • DA Mananga function centre – additional 120 objections. Scheduled for the May Development Committee.
  • DA Bong Bong Rd tourist resort withdrawn – noted
  • DA Mt Hay Primitive Glamping – response to RFS letter is overdue.
  • DA for 57 Victoria St – Council is in discussions with the applicant.
  • Gauging support for a Forum submission via a newsletter ACTION: On hold. 

Infrastructure & Facilities: Nothing to report
– Queen Street crossings
– Edward St bridge
– KV footpath
– New toilets at Apex Park – towel boxes have been stolen from some of the toilets.

Shoalhaven Solar Farm – a formal announcement is likely in April.
Rotary Centenary Tree planting – trees have been ordered and they will be planted during April. An opening ceremony will take place on 3 May.

Council Matters
L’Etape: New event provisionally rescheduled to 4th Dec 2021

Other Business
Forum website address – Stuart has renewed our domain address.
Council Elections 4th Sept: Invite candidates to come and speak at a Meeting in August.

Meeting Closed 10:20 am

Next Committee meeting – 12 April
Next Forum meeting – 15 April 7:30